Our United States Department of Education and Capital Markets should create Larger Charter Schools as more students are interconnecting with the World by meeting more people, as in more fellow classmates of various races, ethnicities, religious faiths, spiritual faiths, nationalities, and other cultural experiences, as well as more teachers, with more Electives to choose from for the students, more Honors classes to choose from, and more Advanced Placement classes to choose from. Many Small schools are at risk of developing terrorist activities because the tinier the classrooms and the less classes to choose from, as unwell as the less people the students are connected to, the more likely the same teachers and same students kill each other off. So it is important to consider added Security guards, cameras, more restrooms so that constipated students can study more effectively, and more classes in the Summer semesters mandatorily for all students every year from now on, because Halloween slayings of innocent children and their families happen when there is more night time and darkness. February, March, April, May, June, July, and August will provide much more daylights and therefore more chances for the kidnapped kids to be found by police officers and search teams.

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