Socialist Democrat Italian Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is sending his Black hair White skin Oriental French Gang members of Adrenaline, Black Olives, Black Leather Jackets, and Drug Speed over to South Florida’s Broward county and Miami-Dade county to stalk me, look like me and soul swap me which is the only thing that Italians know how to do, disenfranchising many innocent families in the United States, causing Crimes to skyrocket all over the United States and the Earth. Also, Asian Belgian Chicago Cubs Fan boy of Quebec, Canada; the Knack’s “His Sharona” 1980s; Laura Akiyama Lang of Portland, Oregon Psychology and San Francisco ; Dr. Svetlana Schwartz of Psychiatry; and others just dyed his hair from black hair to orange to look like a Utilities Dutch Construction man in Akumen Ultrasound imaging clinic in Silver Lakes, Pembroke Pines, Florida in the years 2017-2020, possibly killed grandmas and ate other children and eats Tootsie Rolls and Belgian Chocolates.

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