Mom: Sergio Mendez and Dr Avelino Carride both anticipate and plan on Marleen Padron Mendez, my sister, in transferring my emergency phone call while I am kidnapped and drugged, to Sergio Mendez and Dr Carride, for them to hear my pleas and know that I would go blind and die next, to then hang up my dire phone call while they are all three on mute on their multi-cell phone conference on me, voice recording me to deliver my voice mail message to the French and Italian Mafia leaders, including porky face woman and Domingo Padron known as Unkle Sunday with cocaine, vanilla ice cream with cone, Italian Ice with heavy white sugars, and a hook as a hand, to then hang-up on me. Sergio Mendez and Dr. Avelino Carride both have had pleasures in hearing pleas from younger guys my age generation and then hanging up on them at night. They’ve done this before multiple times at nights.

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