The Muslim Brown Arabs are teaming with the Blacks in USA in their Grand Plan to use us Whites and Yellows as terror victims in their Next Terrorist Attacks in the United States of America by relying on Marketing tactics taught to them by Iranian-Persian-Socialist-Leninist-Marxist-French-Belgian Marketing Professor and Scientist in USA colleges and universities. The Brown Muslims and Blacks are teaming with Black Engineers taught by New York University and other public colleges, community colleges and state universities in Our USA. Kamala Harris is part of their Plan, as she snuck-in to steal Hillary Clinton’s place as Vice President of United States. I call for internment camps on All Muslims, Arabs and Blacks, Anti-Muslim and Anti-Black Travel Bans and an immigration ban against Blacks as there are too many Blacks that showed-out destroying businesses in mass protests nationwide. Another immigration ban against Muslims and Arabs.

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