’s NOT eating Our Lunch. China will HAND US OUR LUNCH! Bill Maher and his White Dutch, Swedish, Scottish, Swiss, Irish, Scandinavian, and Nordic people are Racists and Bigots, that they are wanting Communist Trump-Irish-Peter Taxes all over the World with trade taxes against Europe, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and not just China! China is working for US for lower pay for the last 20 years, hiring Cheap Labor for us in United States, sacrificing their Lungs, fingers, feet, eyes, and brains for us Americans! Instead of breeding with the Mexicans, Latin Americans, Muslim Arabs, and Chinese, the White Swedish, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, Nordics, and Scandinavians are Racistly and Bigotedly building Walls against Humanitarianism while the Chinese Capitalist Industrialist Empire are Humanitarians for Italy and the Blacks in Afrika and Bahamas, and I hope they will Save My Cuban Families and Latin Americans unlike USA and Canada!

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