The medical boards, the American Medical Association, and other healthcare regime organizations never bothered to invent Blood Pressure Straps for US Diabetics to check our blood sugars instead of needle-pricking our fingers to bleed up to six to eight times every day for the last 20 years, encouraging young and old Diabetics to hurt themselves with needle-prickings and insulin injections instead of insulin skin patches, the medical board and American Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health employees are desiring to spread AIDS faster and then blame the spread on healthcare patients like Diabetics. Now after attempting suicides after we hurt ourselves pricking our fingers, the medical boards and American Medical Association are accusing US Diabetics of killing other peoples over and over again despite never doing so, because of schizophrenia prejudices and bigotries. #FireTheMedicalDoctors #FireTheAmericanMedicalAssociation #ChangeTheLaws #DamageControl #NoMoreDiscriminations #LowDoctorsSalaries #LowerMedicalBoardsSalaries

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