Unions and Tax Cuts are what underemployed Disabled people on Medicaid and Foods Stamps need in order to keep their jobs as sick, slow workers that Republicans had kicked the Slow Disabled workers out of the Labour Markets when dismantling Labor Unions. Tax Cuts will create more Jobs for US Disabled while Labor Unions will provide legal representations like lawyers’ services to help Disabled people be advocated to continue working while receive health insurance coverages from work instead of while not working under Medicaid and Foods Stamps. #DontMessWithUSDisabled #GenocideAlert Republicans desire to KILL US Disabled by removing jobs from US Disabled AND Medicaid, Foods Stamps, Section 8 Housing Vouchers, and other assistances! How about US Disabled continue KEEPING Foods Stamps, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and SSI while working Full-Time; at least US Disabled are producing for overall Gross National Products!

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