French Mafia member Chelsea Yucoubeacoupez of Little Ferry, New Jersey might be after my Hardworking Mother Miriam Padron Hernandez Fuentes Luna’s Life Insurance money for me and my sister Marleen Padron Mendez by getting a lot of women to turn against me so that I can’t reproduce nor have children of my own for my mother as grandchildren for my mother, turn me Guilty in pre-trial terms, in turning me Gay, in turning me into a Diabetic who pricks his fingers with needles and bleeds every day based on Feminist Women’s menstrual cycles and desires so that I’d spread HIV/AIDS to my Family and Friends so that me, my Family and Friends all would die and my Family would not keep my Mother’s Life Insurance money, and in convincing my Feminist sister Marleen Padron Mendez and a lot of women to stop talking to me so that I remain locked inside and attempt suicide as a suicidal writer like Emily Dickinson who Barnes and Noble and other family members and strangers of Emily Dickinson’s made fortunes after her lock-in suicides, as Chelsea Yucoubeacoupez stalked me in Miami-Dade County Barnes Doug Park and on my computer screen in marijuana Colorado as advertisement and modeling. Chelsea Yucoubeacoupez is capable of changing her last name to a married name and disguise her Criminal motives with her ever-changing facial makeups, while snapping Wedding Photographs of me and other victims with her traditionally black Photographic cameras.

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