Women shouldn’t have Special Rights over Gay men who die from AIDS. Women take pleasures from Men dying from AIDS. Women can become Bisexuals, play both sides with both genders sexually and not get Drafted into our Militaries without Consequence. Women now talk tough to feminine boys who wear Dove, Herbal Essences, Bath and Body Works, Garnier Nutrisse, and other feminine products while the Women and girls tricked the boys by Sneakily wearing Axe for Men and Old Spice for Men. Women have more to gain from Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Lawyers who detain any boy, while the Women and girls disguise their Criminal motives with their ever-changing facial makeups and hair colour changes every day and in Courtrooms accusing Blind Diabetic Men of raping them the Women. The Blind Diabetic men must prick their fingers with needles and suffer pain. #NationalIDLaws #PreventTerrorism

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