Prozac and Wellbutrin have reputably lowered water weights and fat weights and can do so for Obese paranoid schizophrenics such as Black Public Administrator Adrian Ogle and his mother Ursula who both bullied me as next door neighbors and scared me and terrified me as Black Jamaican Witches ready to spread AIDS and they did kick me out of my family’s home in Pembroke Falls, psychosing ME into taking psychiatric medications after my suicidal overdoses from their Mother-Son Leonian Pride Power Dynamics and Bullying. The same applies to Obese Certified Public Accountants Josephina Fifi Viera and Alexander Viera who turned me into their Obese victim with their psychiatric medications other than Prozac and Wellbutrin. So instead of them working with their Sneaky Psychiatrists to focus on Prozac and Wellbutrin, they decided to turn as many of their victims Fat and Watery Obese like myself so that Everyone feels sorry for them and suffers for their Grudge, because they chose to consume Zoloft the anti-depressant and anti-psychotics such as Geodon and Invega. They own Guns but I don’t. #FatMafia

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