, Certified Public Accountant and Engineer Alexander Viera shows his Face in Martin Shkreli’s Face in Fox News photo, both supporting the Deaths of many Gay Men who avoid pregnancies, abortions and the killings of their own children. CPA Alexander Viera is a BAD Businessman son of Certified Public Accountant Josephine Fifi Viera and Cuban Texan Engineer Marcelo Viera, by smiling at the Murders on many innocent Gay Men who seek Love with each other. Alexander Viera desires to monopolize pharmaceutical drugs and raise medical prices instead of lowering prices, the opposite of what Republicans promised with their Tax Cuts! Tax Cuts are supposed to Lower Pharmaceutical Prices, not Raise Pharmaceutical Prices! This goes to show that Alexander Viera, a closeted Big Gay Dixie who anal rims the buttockses of other Big Gay Dixie Accountant Guys with black hair, white skin and eyeglasses of the South, wants to kill himself and others. Alexander Viera’s and Josephina Fifi Viera’s Obesity are caused by Psychiatric medications for their Depression and they seek Psychologists for counseling and pills to get them to Sleep.

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