Marc Marcelo “Marcelito” Viera, the older than 35 years of age Florida State University graduate becoming Lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, son of Certified Public Accountant MBA Businesswoman graduate of Nova Southeastern University Josephine Fifi Viera, and son of Marcelo Viera the Texan Engineer, who has lived in Plantation, Florida and Peaquanock, New Jersey, and who was possibly born in Secaucus, New Jersey of Cuban heritage knows a LOT of Murderers, and is friends with LOTS of Murderers, including a Craftsman by the name of Chuck with thick brown mustache, who shops often at Home Depot, Lowes and the Super Walmart in Davie, Florida on University Drive swarmed by pedophiles, rapists and gang members, who is also as Chuck a Past Life Regression therapist who has his pillow and cyanide with handkerchief ready and handy for him. Chuck works with Wood, runs over male and female teenagers with his car in parking lots, possibly at Walmart, to then collect their unconscious bodies to then – as instructed by his Dennis and Cleveland-Cincinatti Ohio men with obesity problems and pornographies connected as family to Lauren Baldwin and as Ordered by Marcelo Marc “Marcelíto” Viera in his Hit Job List – to then intubate the teenage victims, children, mothers, and the disabled with a tubing for hospital respiration but to damage the lungs of the victims, as unwell as use chainsaws in Soundproof home or homes near Guitar Center in Sunrise, Florida on victims’ bodies. Marc and Chuck both drink Wine.

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