Please remove Property Taxes worth $1 to $1,000 for each and every month for US Disabled Americans who are wanting to work part-time, half-time and full-time but take lots of health risks with illnesses commuting to work and back, and working, while SSI and Food Stamps are reduced in substantial cuts on US Disabled when we work. The Property Tax Cuts would be considered an Expansion in Rent Control and as House Subsidies but as Tax Cuts for US Disabled who work part-time, half-time and full-time, in order to Reward Work, promote more productions from more US Disabled to produce for Our United States Gross Domestic Products, and to motivate more Disabled to work despite challenges. The Property Tax Cuts should apply to Apartments with Rents, to Condos with Mortgages, Townhomes with Mortgages, and Houses with Mortgages, as US Disabled have children and spouses, and live with our Mothers and Fathers as grandparents. #IncentivizeDisabledtoWork #RewardWork #HelpUSDisabledWork

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