Look at the Stock Markets, how they don’t care for the Disabled on Social Security. The Rich CNBC Class only offer employment-based Disability Insurance as a four-month Annuity, whereas Social Security offers almost a LIFETIME Disability Insurance from SSI to SSA to SSDI. I am a Diabetic with Hypothyroid, low testosterone and low adrenal function, and might have my own Kids in the Future and need to pay towards a Pre-Paid Disability Annuity Insurance with Stocks, Bonds and CD interests gained for my Kids’ Future. I wish my Grandfather and Grandmother payed towards my Retirement instead of throwing it away in University Education where I later became medically Disabled. Party schools cause more diseases and Disabilities from HIV/AIDS to genital warts on peoples’ faces that destroy peoples’ Careers and long-lost College Savings, which is why I propose an Age 30 Alcohol Drinking Age Limit.

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