My sister Marleen Padron Mendez Hernandez Fuentes Perez, a pharmacy technician, might have been involved in an illegal and unethical street drugs scheme as part of her teachers’ Psychology program, in which she was mingling with her Florida State University party-school classmates from Tallahassee, Florida all the way through Lakeland, Florida south to the Florida Keys. She was caught speeding by a police officer and was arrested into a jail cell, all while she claimed that the police officer discriminated against her as a short driver. Miss Marleen Padron illegally and unethically threatened me with prosecution against me into me becoming medically ill, with endocrine fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and pancreatic fatigue, into me attempting suicide twice into psychiatric imprisonment and disability. Marleen’s lover is Chris Mendez who sneakily, illegally and unethically places dog kibble foods into hand sanitizers that he and Marleen send as gifts to me and others while he is a detective now working in Internal Affairs, putting dog kibbles sneakily into hand sanitizers of innocent people that he frames in front of Univision Miami and others news outlet channels’ news reporters. They are involved in a drugs scheme. Marleen Padron is NOT an attorney and has not passed any LSAT or Bar examination. She applies malicious and malevolent prosecution as a bullying scheme daring me and others into provocations through her calling us “fags” or “faggots,” then she accuses the persons afterwards.

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