All medical products must be freed of sales taxes! All medical companies must be freed of taxation! Companies must still report their earnings to the public through Twitter, Facebook and other social media. But they pay no taxes. The lower the tax rates, the more productivity lines are created to make more medical supplies for each person, and this is Free Universally Expansive Healthcares. Government slows down production lines with taxation and big oversight committees. Tax cuts lead towards more investments and more lending for more products-making, thus lowering copays, premiums and other pricings for the poor, Middle Class and Rich classes. Let us remove all sales taxes on foods, medical supplies and products, and clothing goods. Essential needs are essential needs. Everything else can have a 0.01% sales tax for town/city, another 0.01% tax towards county, and a 0.01% sales tax for state government. This way, instead of large 7% sales tax, more shopping from a 0.03% sales tax rate can lead to more goods bought and then the amount of taxes reaches upward. The 0.03% sales tax rate can cover Foods Stamps while foods prices drop because of 0.00% taxation on food products. The big question is: If we give too much freedoms to companies and manufacturers that they develop WMDs without reporting to the IRS and FBI, could we eliminate taxes for at least foods, clothes and medical supplies?

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