There is a black-haired Abigail and a silver-haired Audrey; both white women that are mingling with Asian Belgian Chocolate-eater who is a Chicago Cubs Fan and shops at Urban Outfitters in Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Palm Beach county in Florida and West Palm Beach, and Quebec, Canada who has natural black Dutch hair but now dyes his hair orange ginger as an Electrician, who has murdered and murders children, old ladies and other people. They are involved in a Ponzie scheme with “Charles Jumper” and the French Socialist AP European History professor in Charles W Flanagan high school and in Marketing at Broward College Online. They are scheming with Leonardo “Lenny” “Lenin” Padron and Rigoberto Bert Padron who work for USPS postal government service for Post Office as supervisor and mailman. They unleash Coronaviruses and COVID19 from China with Vietnamese connections. #CoronavirusOutbreak #Coronavirus #COVID19 #coronavirus They are connected to Budapest in Eastern Europe, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, and California.

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