President Trump and our United States Congress: We must craft Amendments to our United States Constitution that respect and promote (1) Right to Commerce, (2) Right to Industry, (3) Liberty to Industries, (4) Right to Industries, for foods, Healthcares Expansions (i.e. Universal Healthcares that are not forced upon us, but that provide available quality care per Tax Cuts), and for other humanitarian purposes as we are human beings with spirits living with animals and plant life. Our current inclusions of Commerce needs to be reaffirmed. The Amendment(s) need to include the words “Right to Capital” as well as “Right to Industry”. Try tying Education with Commerce, Capitalisms, and Industrialisms, as Unionized public school government teachers are confused as to where their foods and book materials come from. Foods for people on Foods Stamps come from Industries and Commerce. 🙂

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