My grandmother, a Skorpia, Neida Luisa Fuentes, wrongfully sides with illicit drug dealers of the French, of Cuban Americans, and of other mafias, in stating that Univision Miami News told her that in this country of United States, Americans can get convicted and thrown in jail for defamation against drug dealers and serial killers, cannibals, and pedophiles, such as Julio Hurtado, in her anti-democratic de facto Mayor regime talk that she makes to me over the phone, while elderly Domingo Padron got fooled by French drug dealers and French gangs of California into giving the French gangs of Nicholas monies left-over from my deceased grandfather Buddha. My grandmother, Neida Fuentes, tries to financially support her relatives, her nieces and nephews, that learn Communism in Cuba, and that work for Communist Cuban government, while she did not want to study or learn democracy from American high schools, colleges and universities, because Swiss King Unkle Sam Bill told her to work for K-Mart and to be against the Free Speech Amendment in our US Constitution! Armando Garcia II the auto mechanic of Miami, Florida, who is blood relatives of Mike Garcia of California, are wrongfully against the First Amendment of Free Speech in our United States, by Armandito Garcia not completing his high school because he had to work for auto mechanic companies that REFUSED to educate him on the job about his Free Speech Rights towards better Capitalisms, Democracies, and Industrialisms. My grandmother Neida Fuentes is against my Free Speech Amendment rights. I have every right to tell the FBI and Congress about the drug lords of Cuban mafia and California, New Jersey, Florida, and New York, that are robbing from the elderly, and that are still not receiving their educations from our Democracy. She still has Communist education in her blood and mind.

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