Daniel and Gus are Broncos fans from Eastern Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic in Weston, Florida Chilis with black hair, white-yellowish Arabic skin, and a red β€œMake America Great Again” hat for each of them pedophiles, and they oddly appear to me like they are Socialist Democrats at a Public College in 1980s. These men have capability of drugging girls, boys, women, and men with Benadryl and other drugs, to sleep, using ice coolers with liquor in them that they carry in Sedans and SUVs and other large recreational camping cars that include pornographic magazines of nude women, but they include dead bodies stuffed as parts or as one depending on size in the igloo coolers. These guys betray extended family relatives and are not loyal to people. There was a big fallout before, during and after Medieval Times, Pirates of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico Age, and Cuban Revolution. Certified Public Accountant Josephine Fifi Viera is related to these men by genetics, and these men have eaten their women dates. They dance Merengue at Disco night clubs. They know the Belgian Brusselian New Brunswick guy of New Jersey and New York with Celtic Cigarette Jewish woman with her eyeglasses, with his black hair and white skin with tall body preparing deli sandwiches who is related genetically to Nicole Oriente.

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